Ken's Experience as a Trial Lawyer

Ken Hodges is an experienced trial lawyer who has been in the business for more than 25 years. He’s been admitted to practice in the following courts:

  • United States Supreme Court
  • 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Northern and Middle Federal District Courts of Georgia
  • Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Georgia Court of Appeals


Recent Trials and Resolutions

Ken’s record as a trial lawyer is excellent. He takes the time to gather both sides of the story, review all necessary files, reach out to witnesses and file the required paperwork. Although some trial lawyers are not prepared to immediately go to court, Ken is always ready.

Here are some trials that Ken has previously won:

  • State of Georgia v. Don Balfour - This was a criminal prosecution by the Attorney General's office on 18 counts of theft and theft related charges. This jury trial in the Fulton County Superior court resulted in a "Not Guilty on all counts" ruling.
  • State of Georgia v. Steve McGowan - This was a criminal prosecution by the Dougherty County DA's office for aggravated assault and weapon charges. The ADA demanded a felony plea and 2 years served. Ken joined the defense team after two years while the cases was pending and he successfully negotiated a plea to 1 misdemeanor and straight probation (no time served).
  • The State of Georgia v. Amy Barnes - This case was a criminal prosecution of a woman accused of disorderly conduct by Cobb County Police Department. A "Not Guilty" verdict was reached on bench trial in the Cobb County State Court. The judge found a violation of Constitutional free speech rights. This was a civil case that Ken assisted in where Cobb County Settled for $100,000. Amy spent only 24 hours in jail.
  • State of Georgia v. Amy Matistic - This was a criminal prosecution of a pharmacist for forgery and improperly dispensing narcotics. Ken was able to persuade the DA to dismiss all charges.
  • Clarence Atkins v. Estate of Carson J. Callaway Jr. - This was a civil case where an individual was seeking the transfer of a house based on an alleged promise to convey. The motion for Summary Judgement was granted and affirmed by the Court of Appeals, denying the request.


Outside of trials, successful negotiation and representation pervades Ken Hodges Law Firm. Here are some recent successes:

  • 2015 - Successfully represented two of three partners in a very contentious business divorce involving alleged theft of millions in partnership assets.  Ken Hodges Law was able to get the money returned to the business and negotiate a mutually agreeable buy out for the clients. 
  • 2016 - Successfully negotiated a settlement of a pregnant woman who became ill from food poisoning at a local restaurant.
  • 2016 - Successfully negotiated the settlement of a suit involving the failure of a selling business to fully disclose valuation issue to the subsequent purchaser.
  • 2016 - Successfully represented a lawyer in a Bar grievance filed by a Superior Court Judge and obtained complete dismissal of the action.


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