Georgia Legal Malpractice Attorney

Legal malpractice lawyers Ken Hodges and Dre Tennille have immense experience within the realms of legal malpractice cases. Legal malpractice arises when a lawyer or legal professional who represents you is negligent in some way. Typically, this negligence and “breached standard of care” causes you financial and/or personal harm.

Legal Malpractice Basics

Attorneys breach the standard of care when they behave in a manner outside of what is considered generally acceptable in the profession. Simply put, legal malpractice often stems from a lawyer’s decision to put their agenda above the clients’.

Due to the time and expense involved with legal malpractice cases, unless damages are greater than $100,000, they are often not financially wise to pursue. In order to determine these damages, our firm will need the following information:

  • Basic facts regarding your case – name of the attorney, date hired, type of case, outcome, etc.
  • Your complete file from the previous attorney – as the client, you own these documents and your previous lawyer is required to give it to you.


Examples of Legal Malpractice Cases

You may need a legal malpractice attorney if any of the below scenarios are in-line with your experience:

  • The lawyer had a conflict of interest in the case
  • In order to avoid liability, a lawyer intentionally covered up harmful wrong doings / errors
  • Embezzlement of money belonging to a client
  • Errors in business transactions, litigation or written legal documents
  • Breach of contract regarding client abandonment and/or fee disputes
  • Failure to: follow court orders, prepare, investigate, communicate settlements or adhere to statute of limitations and other deadlines


If any of these scenarios accurately describe your experience with a previous lawyer, contact Ken or Dre, your Georgia legal malpractice attorneys, today.