Criminal Defense Attorney

There are a variety of different circumstances that would require someone to seek out a criminal lawyer, or criminal defense attorney. However, when you need a defense attorney, you don't want just anyone to represent you-- you want the best.

Our team is experienced in representing clients involved in criminal defense cases such as:

  • Federal Criminal Charges - Criminal cases that are under investigation or prosecution at the federal level have the potential to yield bitter consequences. For serious cases, you need a serious lawyer who can navigate the legal system with your best interests in mind.
  • State Criminal Charges - Criminal cases or investigations brought by State agencies. 
  • Drug Crimes - Allegations regarding controlled substances, prescription drugs, drug obsession, or intent to distribute.
  • DUI Offenses - A very common charge throughout Georgia, especially in the Atlanta area.
  • Domestic Violence Cases - Violence that occurs between two individuals that reside in the same house or living area.
  • Bench Warrant - May be issued to someone who does not show up to court, does not pay a fine, or violates a court order in any way.
  • Bail Bond Hearing - Individuals who are arrested have a right to a bail bond hearing to determine the amount that must be paid in order for the defendant to be released.


You can trust that no matter your circumstance, our team at Ken Hodges Law is dedicated to resolve the case on your behalf. To hear what previous clients have to say about our representation, check-out the testimonials page. You can also contact us today for a free consultation. We would be proud to serve as your Georgia criminal defense attorneys.