Georgia Civil Rights Lawyer

Whether you have been arrested but done nothing wrong or have been singled out for discrimination, we are here to help. We specialize in civil rights litigation and are highly qualified to serve as your attorney and representation.

Individuals can sue the government if it or a public official violates their civil rights. Those rights can include freedom of speech and protection against the use of excessive force. 

If the government has violated your civil rights, contact our team.

Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation results from a multitude of circumstances. The following are common reasons someone may need to reach out to a civil litigation lawyer:

  • Discrimination on the base of: race, origin, sex, religion, income, disability, etc.
  • Breach of contract
  • Real estate disputes
  • Ethical human resource policy issues

We also often serve as trial counsel or co-counsel in civil rights cases in Georgia. Ken Hodges’s experience as a district attorney and 25 years of trial experience give counsel the confidence to take their case to the jury.


On Your Side

Having a reliable, experienced, and determined civil rights lawyer on your side is key to success in civil litigation cases. Don’t let discrimination, negligence or willing disobedience of the law negatively impact your life and wellbeing. Contact Ken Hodges Law today!