After serving as the District Attorney for Doughtery county and working with other firms for more than 25 years, Ken decided to open up his own practice in 2015. He hired Courtney Shelton in 2015, and added Dre Tennille to the team in early 2016. Ken & Dre they combine their areas of expertise to serve clients throughout Georgia.  

While treating all of our clients like family, we get things done as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Although our trial lawyers are skilled at resolving cases prior to trial, we're always ready for the courtroom. When the other side tries to push back, we don't take “No” for an answer. When you work with Ken Hodges Law Firm, we makes sure you receive maximum compensation. In contingent fee cases, you don’t pay a penny for our services until we win your case or settles on your behalf.

Firm Mission

We understand that many simply can't afford increasingly high lawyer fees. Our firm offers free lawyer consultations and we're flexible when it comes to payment. The mission of this firm is to ensure that every single client feels respected and valued. In turn, clients walk away from our firm in better shape than when they walked in, knowing they made the best decision by having Ken Hodges and Dre Tennille in their corner.

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